Grandma's Bakery Monthly Specials

Donut of the month: Old Fashioned Blueberry - an old fashioned blueberry donut finished with a sweet sugar glaze.

Roll of the Month: Key Lime Bismark - white bismark filled with key lime jelly and finished with powdered sugar.

Muffin of the Month: Key Lime Lemon Cheesecake- a super moist batter infused with key lime flavors and cheesecake chunks mixed in!

Cupcakes of the Month: Chocolate Fudge Swirl - a marble cupcake filled with fudge icing, topped with rich buttercream icing and drizzled with more chocolate fudge!

Key Lime - white cake with a zesty key lime filling, iced with creamy key lime buttercream and topped with a candy lime slice.