Cupcakes and Gourmet Cupcakes

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Cupcakes start at just $1.15 each for regular sized cupcakes


The $1.15 charge includes any of our cake choices and buttercream or chocolate buttercream icing. There is no up-charge for colored buttercream or sprinkles!

Price increases depending on fillings, icing, and decoration. You can mix and match any flavors, fillings, and icings that you see on the table below! There is a minimum of 6 cupcakes per filling flavor or special icing (any icing that is not buttercream or chocolate buttercream).


You can add a name, flower, number, or custom design to any cupcake. We also offer themed picks put in the top of each cupcake!


Cupcake sizes include: regular and jumbo.

We can individually package each cupcake for an additional fee.


Give us a call to order your cupcakes today!


A fun unique cupcake with

a vanilla flavor profile.

$1.50 each  

*Available in regular size only

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Cake Flavors


 A swirled combination of our white and chocolate cake

*Available in regular size only


A traditional favorite...excellent with buttercream or with the addition of your

favorite filling


Dark, rich and moist

Red Velvet

A Southern Classic


*Available in regular size only




 Zesty lemon flavored creme

Bavarian Cream

A rich vanilla pastry creme


Just picked flavor

Chocolate Fudge

A rich, dark, silky smooth chocolate


Vine ripened raspberries

(with seeds)

Key Lime

Tart, tangy, and sweet

Tropical Sensation

Lemon & Raspberry....a unique flavor combination

Triple Berry

Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry



A whipped luxurious filling available in:

Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry  French Mocha, Raspberry, 

Peanut Butter, Bailey's, and Mint

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We're known for our buttercream. Light, silky smooth, not too sweet - just right!

Chocolate Buttercream

The only way to improve our classic buttercream - add chocolate!

Cream Cheese

Rich, creamy - the perfect topping for our carrot cake


A light zesty lemon buttercream

Whipped Topping

Light, smooth and creamy

German Chocolate

A classic combination of coconut, pecans, and brown sugar

Chocolate Pourover

Rich chocolate fudge poured over your favorite icing

Chocolate Whipped

The chocolate version of our light whipped topping

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Looking for something with a little more excitement and flavor?! Check out our gourmet cupcakes. These gourmet delights are perfect for when you're craving something a little more decadent and rich. Gourmet Cupcakes are available in regular and jumbo sizes.

Below are delicious descriptions of our gourmet cupcakes:

Apple Pie: white cake, apple filling, cinnamon buttercream icing


Baileys Irish Cream:  white cake, baileys filling, baileys whipped icing, chocolate drizzle


Berry Patch: white cake, triple berry filling, cream cheese icing, sprinkled with buttercrunch


Boston Cream: white cupcake, Bavarian filling, chocolate pour over, with a cherry on top


Brownie Overload: chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream icing with brownie chunks, dipped in chocolate


Caramel Apple:  white cake, apple filling, caramel buttercream, dipped in caramel


Caramel Nut Roll: white cake, filling and icing with caramel buttercream, topped with chopped peanuts


Chai Tea: white cake, whipped filling, chai tea buttercream icing, sprinkled with cinnamon


Cherry Cream: white cake, Bavarian cream filling, cherry buttercream icing, topped with a cherry


Chocolate Chip:  Chocolate cupcake, fudge filling, cream cheese icing, topped with mini chocolate chips.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry:  Chocolate cake, strawberry filling and strawberry buttercream, dipped in

 chocolate ganache


Chocolate Lovers: chocolate cake, fudge filling, chocolate mousse icing with 2 chocolate cigarellos on top


Chocolate Whip Cream:  Chocolate cupcake, whipped cream filling, dipped in chocolate ganache


Cream de Menthe:  chocolate cake, fudge filling, mint buttercream, topped w/ chocolate cake crumbs


French Mocha: chocolate cake, mocha mousse filling, dipped in chocolate and rolled in chocolate sprinkles


Fudge: chocolate cake, fudge filling, fudge icing topped with chocolate sprinkles


Grand Ganache:  Chocolate cupcake, white ganache filled, iced with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate curls


Heath: Chocolate cake, fudge filling, caramel buttercream, drizzled with chocolate and toffee bits


Key Lime:  White cupcake, key lime filling, whipped icing, topped with a candy lime slice


Lemon Lime:  white cake, lemon filling, key lime buttercream, topped w/lemon crunch


Lemon Supreme:  White cupcake, lemon filling, lemon buttercream, topped with candy lemon slice


M&M:  White cupcake, chocolate fudge filling, buttercream icing, topped with M&M’s


Orange Dreamsicle:  white cake, whipped cream filling, orange buttercream, rolled in sugar


Oreo:  Chocolate cupcake, fudge filling, whipped icing, topped with crushed Oreo's


Peanut Butter & Jelly:  white cake, raspberry filling, peanut butter buttercream, rolled in peanuts


Pink Cadillac:  White Cupcake, raspberry/lemon filling, raspberry buttercream, rolled in coconut


Raspberry Truffle:  Chocolate cupcake, raspberry filling, chocolate fudge icing


*Red Velvet (only available in mini & regular size): red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting filled and iced, sprinkled with red velvet cake crumbs


Sea Salt Caramel:  White Cupcake, caramel filling, caramel buttercream, chocolate drizzle, topped with sea salt


S'more:  white cake, fudge filling, marshmallow buttercream, graham cracker crumbles and a chocolate piece


Snowball:  Chocolate cupcakes, whipped cream filling, whipped icing, topped with coconut


Strawberry Lemonade: white cake, raspberry/lemon filling, lemon buttercream with a candy lemon and straw


Tropical Sensation:  White cupcake, raspberry/lemon filling, whipped icing, topped with coconut


Turtle:  Chocolate cupcake, caramel filling, chocolate buttercream, topped with chopped pecans


Tuxedo: chocolate cake, fudge filling, white buttercream frosting half dipped with chocolate sprinkles


Vanilla Bean: white cake, Bavarian filling, vanilla bean buttercream