Bread & Buns
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At Grandma's Bakery, our breads, buns and rolls are baked fresh daily. Experienced bakers make these products by hand to give them a true old fashioned look and taste. Each loaf may look slightly different, that's typical for a product made by hand. We bake many specialty items that you won't find in a warehouse club or grocery store. Many of our formulas and techniques are very old and we haven't changed them since our first day in business.

Loaves of Bread​
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We offer loaves of bread that make delicious sandwiches, or even toast, in 1 pound or 2 pound loaves.

  • 1920's White

  • 1920's Wheat

  • Multi-Grain

  • Light Rye with Honey and Caraway Seeds

  • Dark Rye

  • Marble Rye

  • Saint Paul Sourdough 

We also offer our signature one-pound loaf of Chunky Cinnamon bread!

We are also bringing back a classic recipe with our 1920's white and golden wheat. Our 1920's white only has 9 ingredients and our golden wheat only 10! They are made true to 100 years ago with no preservatives!

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  • Hamburger-available in white or wheat, 8 per package.*

  • Hot Dog-available in white or wheat, 8 per package.*

  • Steak-6 per package.

  • Brat-6 per package.

  • Steak-6.5" and 7.25" length sandwich buns.

  • Sub-12" length sandwich buns, white only.

  • Mini Burger-available in white and wheat, 12 per package.

We also sell dinner rolls in white or wheat, 12 per package.

  • Dollar buns*

  • Mountain rolls that have a light dusting of flour.

  • Cloverleaf buns, available in white only.

  • Tea biscuits, available in white and wheat, 12 per package.

*can come sliced for an additional fee