The Lupo family opened their bakery doors for the first time on a hot summer day in July 1978. The business you know and love today began as a Mister Donut franchise along Prosperity Avenue on the east side of St. Paul, and even though we've changed our name and location, we're still known for fun, donuts, and excellent customer service!

From the beginning, John Lupo, the owner, ran the day-to-day operations. Although it started small, he saw the opportunity to add cakes, cookies, rolls, and bread to the bakery lineup, and the business began to grow. In December of 1980, he remodeled the original location and changed the name to Grandma's Bakery.

About this time, the bakery was gaining in popularity to residents and businesses alike. The decision was made to begin delivering products to companies in the area interested in opening a wholesale account. Word of Grandma's Bakery's great products quickly spread in the area, and by the mid-1980s, there were three morning delivery routes all over the Twin City area.


He continued to study baking and improve his craft, working with the country's best bakers through the Retail Baker's of America. In 1989, John achieved the highest level of certification from the Retail Baker's of America and became a Certified Master Baker.


As business grew, space was running out in the small bakery. Kids wanted cakes to blow out candles on, and companies needed to keep their meetings going with donuts. In 1991, John found a state-of-the-art, open-concept design facility three times the size of his current space being built in White Bear Lake. Soon after, he moved to the new location.


In April of 2008, a second retail store in the historic downtown White Bear Lake opened. You can find a large selection of donuts, as well as cupcakes, cakes, tortes, and more. Stop in for a cup of soup, a sandwich, and your choice of twenty different flavors of Bridgeman's ice cream.


Today, hundreds of different bakery items get delivered to corporate foodservice, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, churches, schools, and civic groups. The bakery with the humble beginning has grown to be a wholesaler of bread, pastries, and other baked goods throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Grandma's Bakery is just as proud to serve big companies as it is to be part of your intimate family gatherings. Whether for one person or thousands of people, Grandma's Bakery is there to compliment your celebration of any sort. We look forward to serving you.