About Grandma's Bakery

Grandma's Bakery White Bear Lake first opened in 1978
The original Grandma's Bakery location.

The Lupo family opened the bakery doors for the first time on a hot summer day in the middle of July of 1978. We started out as a Mister Donut franchise on the East side of St. Paul and from the beginning we've been known for fun, donuts, and great customer service!

Grandma's Bakery is proud to continue our baking tradition generation after generation.

The first few years were hard and business was slow. From the beginning, John Lupo ran the day to day operations and worked very hard to become the best baker he could. We added cakes, cookies, rolls and breads to the bakery line up and the business began to grow. In December of 1980 we remodeled the Prosperity Avenue store and changed the name to Grandma's Bakery to reflect the wide variety of products we were making.

About this time we also started to deliver our products to some wholesale accounts in the area. Our first wholesale order was a delivery for one dozen donuts to a local hotel that was experimenting with a continental breakfast program. What began as one dozen quickly grew to ten dozen and word spread to other hotels and convenience stores in the area. By the mid 1980's we had three morning delivery routes and we were delivering all over the Twin City area.

As business grew we soon were doing more wholesale business than retail. Our decorated cake business also began to grow. We were running out of space and began the search for a new building in the area. John continued to study baking and improve his craft, working with the best bakers in America through the Retail Baker's of America. In 1989, John achieved the highest level of certification from the Retail Baker's of America and became a Certified Master Baker.

Grandma's Bakery was built on family tradition.

In 1991 John found a great new space being built in White Bear Lake and we were able to design a state of the art, open concept design facility that was three times the size of the Prosperity Ave bakery. We moved in just before Thanksgiving and business began to grow very quickly. By Thanksgiving of 1995 we were breaking ground on the first of three additions to the White Bear Lake bakery on Buerkle Road. We added a large warehouse and freezer as business continued to grow. In 2003 we added space for more ovens and a larger packaging area. In 2008 we got the hammers out again and added more space for our cookie making machines and even more space for another oven.

We opened our second retail store in the downtown area of White Bear Lake in April of 2008. At this store we've recently added 92 flavors of glass bottled vintage soda pop along with soup and sandwiches.

Today we have over 100 employees who operate our two retail stores and wholesale baking operation. We produce hundreds of different bakery items that we deliver to corporate foodservice, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, churches, schools and civic groups.